This blog is primarily a humour blog, though I do delve into serious subject matter involving disability, substance abuse and a couple of other topics. My humor is ”exaggerated nonsense” if you believe my wife and finely embellished truth, if you believe me. While it maybe “exaggerated nonsense”, most of the stories do have a basis in truth. I’m a guy, I do and say things that I think are funny, all the time. I take these daft actions and sayings and write about them, with a huge dose of exaggeration and horse bazookie thrown in for good measure. Most of you know this. For those new to the blog, I clearly warn all my readers about this fact in my about me page.

If you don’t like it don’t read it or bother to leave abusive comments, just go away and play somewhere else.

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  1. cocoaupnorth

    Hi Roly! I’m just popping in to say Hello. Great to see you back and blogging. Keep well;-)


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